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"Unidentified" Documents/Intrusions
The following documents illustrate internal Air Force communications on incidents with unknown aerial objects – many of which were intrusive and represented potential security threats. Such communications did not appear in the story which was presented to the public and media in UFO press releases and responses to reporters:
  Top Secret Analysis of Flying Object Incidents in the United States – the intelligence “problem”

Special (Atomic) Weapons Storage goes to alert in 1949

Hide and Seek - Air Space Violation at the Oak Ridge Atomic materials production facility

Failure to Intercept – Objects over Ellsworth Strategic Air Command base

Incoming - The Air Force discounts its own investigation (finding of “no false targets”) of 18 incoming UFOs targeting a major Strategic Air Command base

Flyovers of SAC Bases in 1975 – officially reported as “air defense” against unknown “helicopter assault”

The Identification Problem / Air Defense Study

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