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“In Denial” now Available

In Denial

In Denial:

Secret Wars with Air Strikes and Tanks?

"In Denial" explores the ongoing conduct of officially deniable military action across the globe during four decades of the Cold War, from Tibet and Laos to Cuba and into Africa in the Congo and Angola. Its resurgence in the 21st Century, with new justifications, new sponsors and new tactics is also detailed in this book.National leaders often turn to secret and deniable military action in order to avoid the political challenges – and consequences – of officially and openly ordering military action. These type of operations are a constant temptation for leaders as they offer intervention without the risk of combat losses or major economic impact.Experienced military personnel may be used in such actions – if they are covertly detailed to secret projects, detached from regular service or released to work as “contractors”. But in pursuit of official deniability, actual combat - with its casualties and collateral damage – must be left to indigenous volunteers or to the contract employees. But these operations come with inherent problems. — Kirkus Reviews

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  • Print Length: 358 pages
  • Publication Date: April 17, 2020
  • ASIN: B082MTQS2G

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Creating Chaos Creating Chaos examines a number of formerly secret American and Russian hybrid warfare and “active” measures. Ranging across the globe, from Guatemala, Iran, and Indonesia to the U.S. and Russia. Hancock’s book details the exponential increase in covert warfare—and the equally exponential risk and consequences involved.

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Unidentified In Unidentified, Larry Hancock turns to the strategic intelligence practices – better known as indications analysis – that were not tasked to the national intelligence community. He presents a series of indications studies which suggest something very different from the official statement on UFOs offered by the Air Force.

Suprise Attack

Surprise Attack explores sixty plus years of military and terror threats against the US. It examines the intelligence tools and practices that provided warnings of those attacks and evaluates the responses, both in preparedness – and most importantly – the effectiveness of our military and national command authority.

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Contrary to its contemporary image, deniable covert operations are not something new. Such activities have been ordered by every president and every administration since the Second World War. Shadow Warfare explores how covert operations have relied on surrogates, insulated by layers of deniability.

Someone Would Have Talked goes beyond just proving a conspiracy to murder JFK. Over 14,000 documents, White House diaries, telephone logs and executive tape recordings detail how the new President managed a cover-up designed to mislead the nation, the world, indeed, history itself.

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Awful Grace of God The Awful Grace of God chronicles a multi-year effort to kill Martin Luther King Jr. by a group of the nation’s most violent right-wing extremists. United in a holy cause to kill King, this network of racist militants were the likely culprits behind James Earl Ray and King’s assassination in Memphis on April 4th, 1968.

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Nexus In Nexus, investigations again and again determine that there were CIA field officers in contact with the parties involved in various political assassinations, sometimes serving as military advisers, supplying weapons, sometimes money, sometimes just helping with logistics, but always with a fine line of deniability.

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