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2010 Softcover Book Specs ORDER
ISBN: 978-0-9774657-3-6
AUTHOR: Larry Hancock
CLASSIFICATION: Biography/History
PRICE: $29.95.00 US INDEX: Yes
PAGES: appx. 50 SIZE: 6 1/8 X 9 1/8
PUBLISHER: JFK Lancer Productions & Publications
401 N. Carroll Ave, #204 Southlake, TX 76092

2006 Hardcover Book Specs ORDER
ISBN: 0-9774657-1-3
AUTHOR: Larry Hancock
CLASSIFICATION: Biography/History PRICE: $35.00 US
PAGES: appx. 600 SIZE: 6 1/8 X 9 1/8

  • The initial investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination was hamstrung by a consistent pattern of damage control and evidence management. Actions personally orchestrated by President Johnson prevented a true open-ended criminal investigation of leads suggesting conspiracy in the murder.

  • A body of investigative documents (FBI, CIA, NSA, HSCA, and ARRB) exist which reveal pre-assassination leaks suggesting that President Kennedy was at risk prior to the assassination; these leaks can be traced to Miami Florida and tied to a common network of individuals shown to have been associating with each other in 1963.

  • Informant reports and private research shows that Lee Oswald was in contact with, and influenced by, this same network of individuals he initially came into contact with in New Orleans during August of 1963. These individuals, including two high ranking CIA officers and one highly placed member of organized crime, can be shown to have been associated with one another and connected with the CIA’s JM/WAVE operations in Miami in 1963.

  • Cuban Exile John Martino, the common thread in the book, provided limited details about a conspiracy against President Kennedy to a reporter who had covered his return to Miami after years of suffering in a Cuban prison. With a wealth of new information only now available, Martino’s remarks have become increasingly credible and provide unique insights into the conspiracy.


HANCOCK has long been considered one of the top investigative researchers in the areas of intelligence and national security. He has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous research conferences and in interviews for the Mary Ferrell Foundation. Hancock’s books have received endorsements and praise from former House Select Committee of Investigations staff members and the former Joint Historian for the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency. He lives in Oklahoma. more » « less
Larry is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a BA in Education and majors in Anthropology, Sociology and Education. Following service in the United States Air Force, he worked in the telecommunications and computer communications fields for some 35 years - with Continental Telecom., Hayes Microcomputer and Zoom Technologies. During his career he held the positions of Technical Trainer, Technical and Engineering Training Manager, Marketing Manager and Marketing Director. He become involved with Kennedy assassination research in the early 1990’s, and has focused on intelligence and national security aspects of the conspiracy. He has published a variety of document collections and analysis on CD with JFK Lancer, contributed articles and essays to JFK Lancer, DPUK and the Mary Ferrell Foundation. His first book, with Connie Kritzberg (former Dallas reporter) was November Patriots, a docufiction piece on the Kennedy Assassination. His second book, Someone Would Have Talked, (now in its third edition) is a factual study of the Kennedy conspiracy and cover-up. He followed it with a third book, published in 2011 - NEXUS : The CIA and Political Assassination. Hancock has also done research on the RFK assassination, publishing a lengthy series of essays, Incomplete Justice, on the Mary Ferrell website and, along with Stuart Wexler, has spent some five years researching the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.. Visit Hancock's Amazon Page - Hancock's Blog & Book Links - Hancock on the Mary Ferrell Website Clips - RFK Study