Appendices Exhibits B,E

Appendix B
B-1 195O CIA security check on Morales with Army CIC pre-employment [104-10121-10339]
B-2 1961 Interview with Dave Morales, GS -14, Chief of CU Section, Miama Base
B-3 1961 Follow-on report to Morales interview; overview of current assets
B-4 1969 Security memo; role of Satigenis with AMOT's and Plan RAPHAEL ref.
B-5 1963 Operation TILT after-action report by Morales (crypt Zamka)
B-6 1964 Marshall Carter/William Pawley LIFE correspondence on TILT operation
B-7 1965 AID cover agreement for David Morales [104-10121-10285]
B-8 1975 Separation cover resume for David Morales [104-10121-10118]
B-9 1963 David Phillips; operation of AMWORLD safehouse in Mexico City [104-10098-10093]
B-10 1963 David Phillips crypt Choaden; JN4/WAVE exfiltration operation with Sforza (crypt Sloman) [104-10075-10179]
B-11 1995 Wheaton communication to ARRB Carl Jenkins passport and CV/resume
B-12 1964 Carl Jenkins AMWORLD meeting report on AMJAVA-4 (Quintero) to Europe for AMLASH (Cubela) and AM BIDDY- I (Artime) meeting [104-10308-10096]
B-13 1990 Henry Hecksher obituary
B- 14 1963 Henry Hecksher memo on AMWORLD meeting for Artime image improvement; discussion of Mexico City media capabilities with David Phillips (Choaden) [104-10241-10020]
B-15 1964 Henry Hecksher AMWORLD memo; Artime singing praises of Morales [104-10241-10064]
Appendix E
E-1 1962 CIA report on Unidad Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Unity) [104-10520-10106]
E-2 1963 JM/WAVE memo on use of Unidad as Propaganda Mechanism and Cover for unilateral Operations [104-10226-10110]
E-3 1961 CIA memo on Alberto Fernandez (AMDENIM-1) purchase of Tejana facilitated by CIA intermediary Jack Malone (AMPATRIN) [104-10172-10088]
E-4 1960 King Ranch letter from Kleberg to Malone on Fernandez and Tejana
E-5 1961 Memo on crypts for crew and personnel to be working, on Tejana [104-10172-10067]
E-6 1961 Cable on Departure of Tejana from Key West February (Jean I) [104-10172-10066]
E-7 1961 Cable on Return of Tejana to Key West (JM/IBARR); Felix Rodriquez Infiltrated with pistol and incendiary devices [104-10172-10438]
E-8 1961 Boat Operations using Tejana; mission list March - April 1961 [104-10264-10126]
E-9 FBI informant report on visit by Malone and Fernandez to CIA April 21, 1961

E-10 FBI report on Malone and Fernandez including remarks on invasion as well as an observation of Nino Diaz and Santa Ana [124-10200-10175]

E-11 1962 CIA memo on Lawrence Laborde and the Tejana [104-10264-10035]
E-12 1961 JM/WAVE Operational report including use of Alberto Fernandez Echevarria (AMDENIM-1) [104-10172-10150]
E-13 1963 JM/WAVE CIA status report on use of Alberto Fernandez Echevarria source reports on Cuban exile group activities including Alpha 66 and Commandos L
E-14 1963 JM/WAVE operations report including activities of AMDENIM-I [104-10172-10121]
E-15 1964 JM/WAVE Operations report including activities of AMDENIM-I